Corporate Responsibility: Responsible for the customer: Help every customer develop soundly. I think for the customer, so that our customers because of cooperation with us to get a stable source of goods, high-quality after-sales service, lifting the customer's supply concerns, so that customers use the most energy to develop his market.

Responsible for the employees: For everyone who works for Mace, there is a sense of accomplishment, a suitable income, and the work is stressful but enjoyable.
Business philosophy: No fraud. Honest promises, speaks words. (Do not fraudulent customers, do not fraudulent suppliers, do not defraud colleagues, do not cheat everyone around)
Corporate Philosophy: Working together, sharing their success, and continuing business (Maoshi employees through the joint efforts and struggle, so that the development of stone rock, wheat and stone after the development and expansion will share the results for everyone, wheat stone virtuous cycle)
The survival of the enterprise: The success of Maishi comes from the work of every Maishi employee.

International collaboration

MAISHI produce and supply high quality mesh products and offer innovative services for those industries and processes that require a high level of specialization in application: printing, filtration, clothing lining and composites. Our market gradually turned to international trade from domestic sales since 2000. MAISHI products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world. And we have more than 500 global partners.

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